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AI generated images welcomed by PantherMedia

Last Updated on 31. January 2023 by PantherMedia

ai generated images now accepted by PANTHERMEDIA

We believe a new wave of creativity is being unleashed by tools allowing for the creation of AI generated images. Amazing creations can already be seen and the press is reporting about this extensively. For this reason PantherMedia now accepts images created with tools powered by generative artificial intelligence (AI).

Hands, laptop and businessman with digital contract photo royalty free panthermedia

(c) Peopleimages

All terms of the Author license agreement have to be met

You must have all rights required under our Author License Agreement in order to upload images created by using AI driven generative tools to PantherMedia for licensing.

hand cube paragraph royalty free photo panthermedia

(c) Peopleimages

beyond that Some special legal rules have to be observed!

It is your sole responsibility to ensure that the terms of any AI tool you use allow you to use the images that you have created using it or them for commercial purposes.

Spiders, danger animal concept ai-generated-image ai-image royalty free panthermedia

(c) grafvision

Model- And Property-Releases

Model and property releases are required for identifiable persons and recognizable third-party rights (brands, logos, buildings, etc.) as before. Uploads that relate to the rights of third parties in any way, such as people, places, property, or an artist’s style, without written permission from the copyright owner, are not permitted.

mushrooms forest ai-generated-image moss ai-image royalty free panthermedia

(c) grafvision

the following has to be adhered to regarding Metadata

The term AI generated image must be included in the image title and metadata must not be entered in a way that could misleadingly suggest it is a photograph. AI-generated images must be classified as AI-Images which also alows for clients to search within them specifically.

Icelandic style mossy landscape ai-generated-image ai-image royalty free panthermedia

(c) grafvision

Start uploading AI-Generated-Images now!


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You can find our FAQ here.


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