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Subjects we urgently need more of

Your assistance is required. We need more images on certain subjects!

We are always on the look out for subjects and ideas we can share for productions and content planning. But often for extended periods requests cover so many subject that no pattern emerges. But, recently we have been experiencing a sustained increase in demand for content covering certain subjects repeatifly. There is in particular:

  • Electric cars
  • Solar energy / Photovoltaik in general
  • Solar/ Photovoltaik specifically related to providing electric cars with power like car ports or garages with solar panels, etc.
  • Energy efficiency / saving energy
  • Organic food & products
  • Modern office interiors with and without people
  • European tradesman

After internal review, we feel that we are not currently offering a broad enough selection on these subjects to meet all our clients expectations and believe this presents a special opportunity for contributors and us.

We would be very grateful, if you could include this in your content planning or review existing content in your portfolio not uploaded to PantherMedia that might fit this need.

If you have newly uploaded more than 100 images in a batch please email our content co-ordinator Mircea Rasina (mircea.rasina(at) directly, so we can keep an eye open for your upload and consider it for priority editing. If you have questions regarding the upload-process or have encountered any technical difficulties, please contact our support-team via support(at)

We look forward to your submissions. Once we have attained a critical mass of  content on the subjects we will highlight subject to clients through promotional activities. Help us get there quickly and start uploading here.

PS: When you look at your images do you think, that those images look really special and unique? If you feel others would feel the same way you can apply to become part of our PantherMedia Premium-Collection. Click here for more details on how to apply. We look forward to your application.

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