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Datasets – new revenue opportunity

Last Updated on 7. November 2022 by PantherMedia

Panthermedia is addressing the impacts of AI on image creation and opportunities for photographers

Datasets are the next step

royalty free media images videos panthermediaWe already offer “static” AI images but clean datasets are the next portraits gdpr royalty free panthermedia vaisualDynamic AI-Image generation has already been on the horizon for quite a while. history speaker We believe the impact on our industry and photographers in particular will be significant. That is why it is critical to be familiar with the subject and important to seek put the new opprtunities it will present and bring to image generation impact stock photography industryThese are the key facts and aspects on the subject of Datasets datasets ai fuel panthermedia

Law and court cases

Law is slow to catch up and in some cases not protecting copyright holders the way we think it legal ai changes panthermediaLink: – 28.6.22

The unclear legal environment is opening the door to court battles and case law developing prior to laws themselves. ai risks push back law suitsLinks:

Greg Rutkowski as reported by – 13.10.2022 – 16.10.2022 – 6.9.2022 – 30.11.2021


Persons have rights relative to images of them being used for AI training, even if they are invisible in the result.

gdpr models datasets training find panthermediaLink: Have I been trained?

But basically a dataset is a subject collection – images on a specific topic with good metadata. datasets criteria opportunityNot all datasets touch on privacy rights. Check your collection to see which images might make a good dataset. Depending on the specificness of the subject matter the number of necessary images varies very significantly.A good dataset is consistent accross all aspects that make it useful. mix requirements metadataThe consequences can not yet all be seen. But we are fairly sure that the impact on the stock photography industry in general and photographers in particular will be significant and become evident in the near future.challenges opportunities panthermedia datasets

The answers to the questions above:

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