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USA travel is back! 360° stock photos

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USA travel: New York, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco & Los Angeles


When travelling to the USA, New York is always a must see! If you haven’t been there yet, you really want to go. And anyone who has already been there always wants to go back. Rarely in the world, perhaps only in Hong Kong, is there so much to experience packed into so little space. You could do something different every day for weeks if not months without any problems. But even on a short trip, you’ll get a lot done. Because everything is close together.

New York City, USA – C788795

Even the Public Library is an impressive building.

Public Library, New York City, USA – C167600

Beside Central Park, there are other great parks such as Battery Park on the southern tip of Manhattan with the Esplanade.

Battery Park City Esplanade, New York City, USA – C489956

Or the relatively new High Line Park built on a former elevated railway line. It is a shame that those responsible in Düsseldorf did not consider something like that for the listed bridge “Der Tausendfüßler” (The Millipede) instead of just knocking it down.

High Line Park, New York City, USA – C600094

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USA travel: Chicago, the legendary city on Lake Michigan

Chicago offers all the classics of a great city. Skyline, cool buildings, high viewing platforms, diverse neighborhoods and a special place in (film) history.

Downtown from above, Chicago, Illinois, USA – C724505

The Millenium Park is quite new, and was planned to celebrate the turn of the millennium. Even if it wasn’t opened until 2004 it has developed into the leading attraction of Chicago in the last few years. Since 2006, it also includes the Cloud Gate which is popularly known as “The Bean” because of its shape.

Millenium Park, Chicago, Illinois, USA – C486048

The entry of the Chicago River into Lake Michigan is also great to look at and impressively lined with skyscrapers on both sides.

Downtown, Chicago, Illinois, USA – C54294

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USA travel: Miami, the colo(u)rful Art Deco Metropolis

Located far down in the southwest on the Atlantic coastline, Miami is known from countless films and series. On the one hand it boasts the Art Deco look of Ocean Boulevard where a conference once took me to the Colony Hotel and on the other hand there is the spectacle of its modern skyscrapers appearing to mingle with the ocean.

Ocean Boulevard, Miami Beach, Florida, USA – C17520

Always criss-crossed by water ways with a beach never far off. Not to mention what literally feels like thousands of islands.

Miami Panorama, Florida, USA – C720458

We all know the views either from Miami Vice in the past or more recently in CSI Miami and there especially in the opening credits.

Downtown Miami, Florida, USA – C826623

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USA travel: Los Angeles

When I first went there, friends told me the distance between any two places in LA was always 40 minutes. No matter how far, the traffic would make it that way. And indeed, it is a very widely “scattered” city in which the parts on the edge, especially towards the Pacific, determine the feeling of the city more than its downtown, which sits a bit lost in the middle.

Santa Monica Pier, California, USA – C51858

It’s broad geographic footprint encompasses many different areas including hills and forests. While I never felt even the slightest earthquake there, the last time I witnessed a forest fire at the Getty Center from the DMLA industry conference hotel in Venice Beach. Less than 10 kilometers away!

Los Angeles USA travel forrest fire getty center (Author’s photo)

Over the Pacific, the sun makes for brilliant sunsets full of amazing colours.

Signal Hill Sunset, Los Angeles, California, USA – C308047

And it’s late at night, when really dark, that the lights reveal the full extent of urban Los Angeles. And, downtown, finally, is noticeable, too.

Los Angeles, California, USA – C837223

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San Francisco, the city of dreams

Another city that we know so well from many, many series and films. Even from the first real blockbuster of the year, Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings. Which has its first dramatic scenes there. Including the famous steep inclines and inner-city switchbacks. San Francisco’s main landmark, however, is the Golden Gate Bridge, which is best viewed from the other side including the San Francisco skyline. And what better to inspire hope and dreams than a beautiful bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California, USA – C68858

A standout in its skyline is, in particular, the Transamerica Pyramid which long preceeded the current wave of mass off the rack architecture and sticks out sharply from the of monotony of rectangles in the truest sense of the word.

San Francisco, California, USA – C812533

San Francisco is especialy unique through its diverse neighborhoods and geography, which the older among us got to know so well with Michael Douglas and Karl Malden in the Streets of San Francisco.

Lombard Street, San Francisco, California, USA – C826139

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