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Retro Futurism Colour Frenzy – Top Trend 2021

Last Updated on 31. August 2022 by PantherMedia

Retro Futurism: Our favourite trend this year

Retro Futurismus means exciting royalty free images and videos for your designs

Retro futurism is, according to Wikipedia, a notion of the future rooted in the past that we look at retrospectively from the point in time that is today. The term retro futurism was apprently first used in 1983 by the US media artist Lloyd Dunn.

retro futurism space astronaut rocket royalty free illustration

(c) studiostoks

According to Stewart Home, retro futurism is “modernity according to the conditions of postmodernism”. Interesting and at the heart of the retro futuristic designs are the visualization of future visions based on the past. Which would actually be a contradiction, right? But one thing is for sure, cool things always come out of it. You can find more details about retro futurism on Wikipedia here.

retro futurism woman cool illustration 80s games royalty free

(c) gromovataya

Never really out of fashion

It is well known fact that retro looks never actually go out of fashion and are always a popular stylistic feature in design.

retro futurism space stars sun rocket royalty free illustration

(c) YAYMicro/bawan

A colour frenzy is just what we need now!

Especially this year, or actualy because of it, and due to their strong and intense colors, we have noticed these visuals popping back up again at the cutting edge.

retro futurism skyline neon dazzling illustration royalty free

(c) Westend61Premium/Spectral

80s vibe works practically always

Above all, futuristic visuals with the unmistakable and iconic vibes of the 80s are definitely staging a comeback this year and can already be seen and discovered in various places.

retro futurism illustration royalty free summer palm trees palms art deco

(c) SereDim

Get noticed with retro futurism before everyone is using it

And let's be honest – 80s vibes are still a top eye-catcher for every design. That's certainly what we think and we hope that these visuals have made you hungry for more!

retro futurism illustration royalty free street lights people children future vision skyline sun

(c) SereDim

Broad range of themes for trendy designs

The range of topics found in the visuals is truele astonishing and ranges from future, space travel and Art Deco flair to an arcade and video game feeling.

retro futurism skyline neon dazzling illustration royalty free street computer game

(c) Spectral

So discover our latest selection of royalty-free images, vectors, illustrations and videos in the trendy “new” retro futurism style now and let your designs glow in bright neon!

retro futurism illustration royalty free mountains sun fir-tree

(c) SereDim

Check our our colour frenzy lightbox

Click here for the color frenzy lightbox for the current top trend retro futurism full of royalty-free image and royalty-free video highlights.

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Cover image (c) YAYMicro/bawan

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