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Social Media use at no extra charge

Last Updated on 9. December 2016 by PantherMedia

PantherMedia now includes Social Media use in its standard license for free

Colourful Social Media Marketing made easier

PantherMedia continues its tradition of listening to customers and making things better. This time it has led us to simplify the use of images for social media marketing. With immediate effect social media usage is included in the standard license at no extra charge. Practically every campaign today includes Social Media as one of its components. And even if not, not everything is predictable. These days an image that is part of a campaign can end up being being used in social media any time. Even if it was not planned to be so from the beginning. That’s standard in 2016. And that’s why it is now included in PantherMedia’s standard license. This gives customers safety and keeps things simple. Purchasers of images at PantherMedia do not need to go back through invoices and documentation to be on the safe side.

Everything for Social Media

If you buy your images at PantherMedia regardless of whether as a single image, with credits, as part of an image pack, or via a subscriptions nothing will stand in the way of a powerful richly illustrated campaign or presence in social media. Not even the budget.

The technical requirements, however, are manifold. I found a useful overview of the requirements of key social media networks in the internet. Check it out here.

And don't miss this fascinating collection of current statistics around the use and effect of visuals online and in social media. Check it out here.

Without doubt, the use of images as part of online marketing, regardless of whether is on a desktop of mobile device with or without socia media is highly effective. Don't let anything get in the way of you imagination.

PantherMedia always on the look out for things to make easier for its customers

Says Tomas Speight, CEO of Panther Media GmbH: Once again PantherMedia demonstrates how serious it is about keeping things simple for its customers and protecting them from spending time on stuff that would be better spent being creative. We’re on the lookout for things we can make more simple for our clients every day. We’re sure to have something new again soon.

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