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Last Updated on 9. December 2016 by PantherMedia

PantherMedia continues to expand its Premium Collection

Tomas Speight, Munich: In our drive to add more cutting edge content to we are happy to announce that we have uploaded the highly regarded CAIA Image collection to our site. That means nearly 30.000 images of consistent high end quality for your best projects. CAIA Image was founded by the founders of OJO Images after the sale of famed said OJO Images to Getty. Got it? In a creative touch the official name of their new business CAIA Image is Newco 500. Questions? You have to love them.


What's in a name?

OJO to CAIA. In all the years that have known the group around Chris Ryan, Martin Barraud and Jonathan Gibson I have actually never been given a reasonable explanation as to why, as Londoners, they keep coming up with Spanish sounding names for themselves. Anyhow, me thinking it must be Spanish, I decided to check that theory out with our Spanish partner Melcher Sangro Colón and, while ojo actually did mean something real as in "eye", it appears caia does not mean anything in Spanish at all. It doesn't even exist as word. If you take it literally that is, if you set the spelling aside and focus on the sound then – it gets interesting. You get to "Shut up" hopefully as in "Shut up and look at the pictures" I thought, or as Frank Zappa once put it in similar vein with "Shut up 'n play yer guitar". And there is a story to that acclaimed album and its title, too, by the way.

But just as was about to question Jonathan on the "Shut up" bit further research showed that actually none of the above applies because it's … Latin. Of course, why, having toiled with Latin in school for 5 years, didn't I think of that sooner. As it turns out, Caia Cecilia is the roman goddess of fire and women and, so it is said, apparently means "rejoice" and inspires a Collection that is reportedly brewed from a secret blend of top end production, creativity and contemporary style.

Discover Caia Image at PantherMedia

What's in the collection?

CAIA Image is a collective of photographers, film-makers, stylists and Art Directors producing some of the best royalty free imagery and footage available to the creative industry today. It covers a broad range of subjects with each interpreted in CAIA's unique take offering very bespoke options for discerning creatives.

Says Jonathan Gibson, Director at CAIA Image: With its absolute commitment to quality and uncompromising production values, CAIA Image's collection offers content that is aspirational, emotional and above all relevant for today. We know that the team at PantherMedia values these same qualities in its own work and are really happy to see our Collection offered to PantherMedia's clients directly.

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