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PhotoAlto available at PantherMedia

Last Updated on 3. May 2016 by PantherMedia

We are happy to announce that the royalty free images of the renowned Parisian Agency PhotoAlto are now available via PantherMedia. This addition gives extra flair to our Premium Collection. PhotoAlto's images distinguish themselves with a special touch of fashion and style that can only originate from Paris. Creatives all around the world hold PhotoAlto in high regard due to its strong technical quality paired with a specific, individual take on subjects and themes of any type. Even if the main focus of the collection is on people photography there is also strong emphasis on food, travel and others.

PhotoAlto images always have a special vibe © PantherMedia Stockagency / 

What PhotoAlto says about itself:

As a collection founded by Creatives for Creatives, PhotoAlto differentiates itself from other photo libraries by combining a distinctive European heritage and approach towards photography with a uniquely European tendency that stylistically separates it from other providers. This style is characterized by capturing subjects and themes in a natural state while at the same time injecting them with a strong conceptual foundation. The result is a current and timely photo collection for those seeking conceptual and descriptive imagery for contemporary advertising and marketing trends. With selective editing and unparalleled post-production work, the PhotoAlto Agency collections combine avant-garde photographic styles and techniques with a strong conceptual foundation to produce extraordinary images that are both progressive and relevant to all users.

Says Tomas Speight, CEO of PantherMedia:

"I have known the team and photographers around Frédéric Cirou personally for many years through my previous work at zefa visual media and Masterfile. Their dedication to photography is fuelled by a special passion that could only originate from Paris. Their images always have a unique mix of flair and style. I am personally thrilled that we can now offer PhotoAlto's collection and offer their photography to our customers at PantherMedia."

PhotoAlto images now available on PantherMedia © PantherMedia Stockagency / 

Sabine Drauz, responsible for photo editing at PantherMedia, has the following to add:

"Seeing the images of while they were being uploaded and released online was really inspiring. Their powerful images with their tangible spirit of fashion stand out from the crowd with a French and European feel. I hope our customers will share our excitement and be able to give their projects a special sheen."

The unique collection from PhotoAlto © PantherMedia Stockagency / 

But do take a look at what PhotoAlto has to offer at PantherMedia yourself.



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