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Ikon Images means illustrations of the most discerning quality!

Ikon Imageswas founded in 2008 by Tim Lund, well-known to stock industry insiders for his important roles at Digital Vision and Visual Communications Group. He also spent some time with Getty and Masterfile.

Illustration, airplanes, pilotes, tower, time, clock (c) IkonImages/Sarah Jones

It is from his time at Masterfile that I know Tim best but our acquaintance actually dates back to the last century where I knew him via Digital Vision. Tim is someone who pursues a clear vision with discipline and gets it done.

Illustration, computer, notebook, learning, concentration (c) IkonImages/Elly Walton

Nothing as it was before

So what did he do after the world of stock photography changed so dramatically with crowd sourcing and the extreme price collapse that it triggered?

Illustration, confusion, panic, business, mess (c) IkonImagesRF/Tim Ellis

Exactly, he did not just continue without change like so many others, but turned away from photography. However, not away from visual communication.

Illustration, Detective, retro, magnifying glas, city

(c) IkonImages/David Chestnutt

He turned to the artisanal, painting like world of illustrations. But even, there he did not just continue what others had done before him, namely mostly focusing on business graphics and the like. No, Tim brought the entire treasure trove of stories told by stock photography with him and set out to reinvent them in the world of illustrations.

Illustration, vacation, holiday, summer, seaside

(c) IkonImages/Steve Scott

In the heart of London a forge for first-rate new ideas is born

Originating from a joint venture with Début Art in the heart of London's creative center, Ikon Images quickly became an independent agency presenting an outstanding collection of world-class illustrations.

Illustration, London, Tower Bridge (c) IkonImages/Sarah Jones

In the process Ikon developed into a must know boutique illustration collection if you want to avoid your worst nightmare – missed creative opportunities that could propel your project into fascinating, unexpected directions.

Illustration, Fish, seafood, crab, plaice, shellfish, mussles, tray (c) IkonImagesRF/Sara Petterson

The great emphasis on the quality of all illustrations means that Ikon is able to set itself apart from the rest in world of stock photography making Ikon a resource that gives your website, campaign, magazine, book or presentation a real chance at achieving the exceptional.

Illustration, couple, man, woman, head, portrait (c) IkonImages/Jacquie Boyd

Fashion, lifestyle – illustrations do it differently

In collaboration with established illustrators and artists who consistently produce successful commercial works, Ikon is the resource that graphic designers have previously only dreamed of. Currently, Ikon represents more than 300 of the best artists and illustrators in the world.

Illustration, smartphone, communication, messenger, sharing, internet, selfie

(c) IkonImages/Veronica Grech

The current collection includes acclaimed works by Alex Williamson, Tadashi Ura, Russell Cobb and Andy Bridge, just to name a few. Fashion & Lifestyle illustrations, business concepts, dynamic CGI backgrounds, icons cover a truly extraordinary range of concepts and formats.

Illustraton, offroad, binoculars, trip

(c) IkonImagesRF/Vlada Kramina

Whether pen or ink, collage or high-end computer graphics – browse the collection and be inspired. And, on top of all that the Ikon collection contains the work of numerous award-winning artists.

Put an end to excuses

Illustration, Meeting, bored, deperate, directionless (c) IkonImages/Oivind Hovland

Creative block? The perfect stock photo can't be found? Can't find somehting that's good enough?

Illustration, face, worried, afraid, woman, schocked (c)IkonImages/Joseph Mcdermott

Check illustrations for the unexpected and extraordinary. There is just as quickly and easily accessible range of breathtaking works from clear themes to colorful Nirvana.

Illustration, tropical, jungle, colourful, lavish, sunrise, colorful(c) IkonImages/Andy Ward

Ikon's artists, impressing their individual styles on each work, make their own mark without losing sight of the possible uses of an image. Whether vector or pen and ink, CGI, collage, acrylic or watercolour, all images in the Ikon collection are carefully curated for their ability to communicate effectively, tackling complex ideas in a simple and engaging way. Choose from a diversity of styles that far exceeds the expected.

Illustration, Paris, Eiffel Tower, people, daytime, Champs de Mars (c) IkonImages/Christine Hawthorn

Move along and miss out or discover here what is there to see.

Illustration, Paris, Eiffel Tower, buildings, passage, alley (c) IkonImages/Mike Moran

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