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With immediate effect: The completely revised Search

Last Updated on 20. November 2018 by PantherMedia

Try our new searchnow!

PantherMedia presents its completely revised new search

Experience our completely new PantherMedia search! With the redesign, our focus was of course firmly placed on increasing the quality of the results. Historically search results have been distorted by translations in particular. And that for a long time now. Often, image descriptions were even translated back and forth between various languages which led to further decreasing accuracy. And both actual and inadvertent mistakes.

We put an end to unnecessary translations

Our improvements have been achieved by eliminating translations as far as possible. Now translation basically only in one place, the search query itself. A search now always takes place in the original image description leading to significantly better quality of results.

Language APIs and AI – not just for big business

Leaving behind the historical approach of complex thesauri and vocabulary tables has also added to increasing result return speeds significantly. This is all made possible with the help of language APIs and AI.

Search in your mother tongue

On top of that we can now add new languages in a matter of minutes. So, if you would like to use a language that is not activated on our website for the search, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do. After all, nothing beats using our mother language! We just added Hindi, Finnish, Catalans and Norwegian.

Try our new searchnow!

Speech entry makes searching easier

At the same time, it was a key goal to bring our search into the age of the voice assistants we are all increasingly familiar with. If you are a Chrome user, you can now use speech entry the same way you’re used to from your smart phone!

Bye Bye, Boolean search. Hello, describing the picture you need

We have always thought that creatives and Boolean search do not go well together. Use speech input to easily describe the image you are looking for more accurately without all the hassle of typing. You will see – the accuracy of the result will surprise you!

Automated Keyword weighting

We also have added new, in House developed, keyword weighting, which further increases the focus on relevant content and overall accuracy of the results. Now a minor element of an image is no longer given the same priority as a key element. Small trees in the distance for example will not be at the front of the search result for trees.

Join in to make things improve further

Another important feature of the new search is that if you find language translation errors, you can make suggestions for improvements. Because despite the latest AI, us humans still often know the appropriate translation better.

Test and use your suggested improvement immediately

And, on top of that, click the reload button in in the suggestion pop up and see your own personal new result immediately.

Switch to PantherMedia now and benefit from our rewards programme

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