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Rediscovered: Aurora Photos at PantherMedia

Last Updated on 5. May 2017 by PantherMedia

Rediscovered: Aurora Photos at PantherMedia

Aurora Photos from Portland, Maine since 1993, has been online at PantherMedia for a while. Founded by National Geographic Photographers Aurora provides us with a regular stream of consistently superb updates as only the best agencies can. Just recently they singled out some really great photos around "winter" for scrutiny. 

Winter Impression by Aurora Photos

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And with Autumn already on the wane, what better subject than that to refresh our perception of the type of great images Aurora has in its collection. Do you remember from our introduction way back when? It is THE agency when it comes to Outdoor Adventure, Healthy & Active Lifestyle, Nature’s Beauty and travel to remote adventure destinations. Aurora's images depict the lives that people aspire to lead through authentic photography. It's fair to say that Aurora Photos provides something lacking in today’s digital world: human spirit. Creativity, personal vision, and an independent spirit, unites with the passion of Aurora Photo's artists to give you only the best in their chosen field.

Cheering people at the beach by Aurora Photos

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As the leader in the outdoor niche they represent worldwide talent and are on a mission for you to find the right photos for your outdoor related projects. Aurora has built a unique community of great artists, outdoorsmen & women to deliver on this promise. Representing more than 450 active lifestyle and outdoor photographers from North America, and almost 600 photographers worldwide and adding more contributors every month Aurora is able to add new content into its collection every week. This steady stream of fresh, new imagery, is authentic and uncompromising in quality. Created by real people doing real activities.

A silhouetted woman is reflected in the sand on Bandon Beach by Aurora Photos

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See here what Aurora Photo's take on winter images is this year for inspiration and ideas. Get a feeling for Aurora Photo's quality standards and approach. Feel the power of storytelling & editorial excellence at the heart of Aurora Photo's curating process.

All images shown are new to Aurora Photo's collection in the past 12 months.

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