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Image Navi rolls out full API content in Japan

Last Updated on 9. January 2017 by PantherMedia

Image Navi launches PantherMedia in Japan

Munich, January 2017: In another mile stone we are happy to announce to our contributors that Image Navi, one of the longest standing RF Distributors in Japan has has rolled out the PantherMedia's full API content on its main site for the Japanese market.

Image navi corporation was founded in Sapporo, Japan, in 2015, as a new stock photo company. It took over the content assets and human resources from the former Datacraft corporation that had been one of the leading RF producers in Japan and had originally developed and run the stock market place, imagenavi.

Panorama shot of Sapporo (Japan) where Image Navi is located

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Today Image Navi Corporation consists of two divisions, a content and an IT solutions business. The IT solutions division develops systems and applications for government and enterprises around search engines and e-commerce platform for stock businesses.

The content business, produces Japanese local contents in the form of RF and distributes both macro and micro
images from aournd the world in Japan. Another aspect of this company is that it also runs the biggest font distribution
website in Japan. The core of Image Navi's business it to deliver value to creators who create.

Screenshot of the english version of the Image Navi homepage

Says Keiji Yamaya, director of Image Navi Corporation, as for Panther Media, Panther Media is one of our key content partners, who can contribute quality content to us in high quantity at reasonable prices which we can bring to our clients. A great thing about the Panther Media team is that they have great IT team, who support us and offer flexible help for us to build and adjust our online service. We believe our partnership with Panther Media will evolve and grow in this unlimited and borderless content market.

Tomas Speight adds, Image Navi is PantherMedia's longest standing partner in Japan. We are thrilled, that thanks to strong IT capabilities at Image Navi, we have reached this mile stone of launching the full API content on Image Navi top webiste. We are sure this will give our contributors a revenue boost in the coming months. We look forward to deepening our partnership as we move forwards.

See PantherMedia live on Image Navi here.


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