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What is Next in 2016

Last Updated on 30. March 2016 by PantherMedia

What is Next in 2016? The year has already gone quite far, but there still quite a few highlights to come that we would like to present here. 

Politics and World Affairs

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Many events in politics and world affairs occur suddenly and are not always positive. Luckily this year there seem to be quite a few positive Events coming up this year which already have a set date attached to them: 

  • Opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel, the world’s longest and deepest traffic tunnel, in Switzerland. Check out the countdown here.

  • Brexit? The UK referendum on whether to remain part of the European Union or not.

  • The NATO summit in Poland.

  • The transfer of the Presidency of the Council of the European to Slovakia.

  • G20 summit in Hangzhou.

  • The US presidential elections.

Culture and Society

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The first three months of the year already saw a number of major cultural events, like for example the Oscars, the Berlinale or the 10th birthday of Twitter. But what is next in 2016? Well the rest of the year still has some really big events in hand:


What is Next in 2016: Sports© PantherMedia Stockagency  / 

While the winter sports season is close to the end sports fans are eagerly anticipating the summer’s mega events. Drama and excitement await!

Other topics and dedications

What is Next in 2016: Other topics and dedications© PantherMedia Stockagency / 

Every year gets an individual motto. As these dedications are not issued by a central authority the year 2016 has so far gained a number of dedications:

We look forward to the remainder of this exciting year und hope that positive developments gain the upper hand everywhere. And if you are on the search for images related to any of these events do drop by our website at PantherMedia and check out what we’ve got to offer.

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