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Visuals get you Remembered

Last Updated on 11. October 2017 by PantherMedia

How To Get & Keep The Attention Of Your Reader?

You Need Images!

Every day, bloggers, news sites and social media, send out hundreds of millions of messages that vie for our attention.

How do you get people to pay attention to your message? Better still, remember you. And if your readers open your message, how do you make the reader actually understand and absorb your message?

Quality wins

Needless to say, your content needs to be of outstanding quality. You message needs to be so good that people want to spend time on. And, naturally, you also need to have an audience (or at least a potential audience).

Assuming you have both great content and an audience, how do to make readers open and read your message?

Your message needs appealing and relevant visuals.


Because our brains love visuals. And that is, because our eyes are our keenest sense. Even among the best on the plant. Which can't be said for some of our others. In the eighties, long before the internet, long before information overload 10.0 my marketing professor hammered into us, that there should always be a picture no matter what. Why? The human being is an eye-animal he would say.

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Our brain processes visuals dramatically faster than text

Our brain connects with and understands an image about 1,000 times faster than it understands text. In fact, apprently our brains don’t particularly like text. We are not born with the ability to understand text. But we are born with the ability to quickly understand images.

Therefore, if you add appropriate images to your message, it becomes much easier for your audience to understand your message.

Actually, if do get it right, your readers might just fall in love with your message instead of ignoring it.  

Our friends at Topimagesites have created an infographic that illustrates these points. Take a look to further understand why including visuals in your messages is so critical.

You can find the original infographic here.


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