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New: PantherMedia-Plugin for WordPress

The new PantherMedia WordPress Plugin

Integrate PantherMedia Images directly into your blog entries

Simple – Easy – Fast

Be it a blog entry or an online article – you know they are created fast and easy in WordPress. And you know a picture makes all the difference. The more the better. Our brand new PantherMedia Plugin makes dealing with images in WordPress dramatically easier. Our new tool lets you find, purchase and use images directly within WordPress. No need to switch between websites. No need to interrupt your workflow. So you have more time to design.


The new PantherMedia Plugin for WordPress© Stockagency PantherMedia  / master1305

To install the PantherMedia Plugin, follow those quick and easy steps:

All you need is:
•    WordPress Version: 4.7 or 4.8
•    an active PantherMedia Account with Credits

How to install it:
•    Log into WordPress
•    Under Plugins search for "PantherMedia"
•    Install the Plugin

The new PantherMedia Plugin for WordPress© Stockagency PantherMedia  / Hugin

Your Benefits with out new tool:

Using the Plugin, you can now search for photos, illustrations and vector files directly within WordPress. Once you've found what you’re looking for you can purchase the image easily via the tool without having to leave WordPress. And, then you can transfer it straight to WordPress Media and your website. You can search and purchase images directly via the Plugin – Quick and easy!

Simplify designing and completing your WordPress-Website and gain time for being creative.

Click here to get the new PantherMedia Plugin for WordPress

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