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Last Updated on 9. December 2016 by PantherMedia

Image Source is here. Brexit or not. Online is online.

Tomas Speight, Munich: "It's a great day at because the Image Source collection from London, England, is now online on our site. Image Source has been the benchmark for classic, classy royalty-free stock photography for nearly two decades. Not a mean feat if you consider all the visual and technological changes that have occured in that period. A challenge that many agencies have struggled to stay abreast of.”

Image Source Image 18486940 at PantherMedia

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How does Image Source stay at the top

So I put the question to Ashley Jouhar, Group Creative Director at Image Source, and this is what he had to say: "Our art directors are passionate about photography, not just stock photography. This means their awareness of visual and cultural trends, contemporary photography (both art photography and documentary) TV commercials, advertising, social media photography and movies is very strong. They bring all this to the table when art directing and collaborating with our 500+ photographers and film makers and combine it with years of experience about what images connect with picture buyers and what images sell. This keeps our imagery fresh, contemporary, relevant and saleable.”

Image-Source Image 18887326 at PantherMedia

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Long relationship with the founders

"I have known Image Source since its foundation and can attest personally to its ability to keep reinventing itself. Right from the earliest days Image Source understood that only visible quality is reliable in giving a competitive advantage. This has held true through all the changes from originally competing with rights managed to remaining relevant in the age of crowd sourced micro prices.”

Image-Source Image 18351728 at PantherMedia

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How does Image Source define itself

From founder Christina Vaughan to current mantle bearer Anthony Harris this has always been at the heart of Image Source’s longevity at the top. In their own words this is what they define themselves as: "Image Source is a leading premium stock photography and footage agency. Founded in 1999, we’ve built our reputation as the leading independent agency in the industry and have spent this time developing our footage and stills collections. Our carefully considered creative process and market research ensure that our imagery is realistic and authentic with the aim of visually and emotionally engaging clients”.

We, certainly are very happy to have this unique collection on offer for you. So without further ado, jump right in here.

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